Roadtrip 2019

So I’m dreaming about New Zeeland but while dreaming I think about a third trip through Europe. Next time my words will be in English. I really love the alps especially Austria and north of Italy. The final destination is of course home but I know there are many fantastic things to see before.


Autostrada Italien

So I got this bill because I had some trouble paying when entering Genua in Italy. The lady in the machine yelled a long time and I didn’t understand a word. With some help later from a french guy in Courmayeur I just visited the home page and problem solved.

Through Germany ahead Skagen in Denmark.

One mile in Germany feels like 10 at home. After a night in Freiburg im Breisgau and Bispingen I made it to Bindslev in Danmark. A total of 164 swedish miles with exercise pain after climbing close to Monte Bianco. I had to see Skagen in Denmark this roadtrip. I found a room at Stald Nordkap in Bindslev, a place you can hire horses and train. After 40 years with horses, this time from the ground and with my camera.

This beautiful Amercian Saddle bred stallion did his best for me. Unfortunately in the States these horses are exposed for tragic methods in aim to lift their hooves higher. But this stallion was very well taken care of.

Stallion American Saddle bred.

This beautiful frieser mare enoyed here company of ducks in her paddock.

Mare, frieserhäst.
Sunset in Bindslev, Denmark.

I loved witness amazing sunsets in the ocean in Bindslev. Melancholic and beautiful att the same time and in the company of other people. In Denmark it is allowed to drive your car, bike och cycle on the beach even your dog is welcome.

I cycle ride in the sunset.

A couple of students celebrating their exam on the beach.The goal for the second day was to visit Skagen. With my motorbike I drove up to Skagen and Greenen where the two oceans meet. The light is fantastic and I understand this is the favourite place for artists to be.

The north east beach 2 km from Greenen

The northern point at Greenen in Skagen where the two oceans meet.

Greenen in Danmark.

Then i drop my phone and the screen cracked. I didn’t have an alarm clock and an early ferry to catch. I woke up in time fortunately. From Fredrikshamn to Göteborg and then 48 swedish miles to home. Totaly I drove 478 swedish miles this roadtrip in 17 days. I really  recommend 2-3 days at places you love.


Through Switzerland

Looking at the map and find the road  SS27 from Aosta, Italien, SS27 and without knowing what a fortune road! Ahead against Col du GD- St Bernard and only curvy bike roads, love this!!

Ahead against Col du GD – St Bernard.
Kurviga vägar.

The lonely rider isn’t alone any more. Many motorbikers enjoying the curvy roads and the magnificent views. On the top, 2400 m I found a family on motorbike vacation who lives in a neigbour community!

Almost on the top and view over an old monastery and a lake.

On the other side and down I had to drive carefully. No guardrails curves and very steep but what a view!

Driving north, stressed, passing beside lake Genèva insanely beautifrul. turquoise water, sailing boats framed by alps. Couldn’t stop to photograph when on the highway.

Getting hungry and found a very nice restaurant by the price. The food was okey. On the backside of the building I found plastic painted cows on pasture.

Zebra cow


Rainbow cow
Hell cow.

In Switzerland, you can only pay with Swiss franc, or your card.



From Genua by the mediterranian sea I drove north ahead Courmayeur, a 220 kilometres long journey gave me a couple of hours on the road with beautiful scenerys everywhere. There are very few slip roads which is important to know. I drove the wrong way which led me to Matterhorn. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted to go to Mont Blanc. A lot of road toll stations and I really recommend these toll cards in Italy. When I arrived to Courmayeur a wall against the sky was risen, Mont Blanc. Such a beautiful and magic place.

Monte Bianco.
Monte Bianco.

The view from my room was Mont Blanc. This day was the midsummer in Sweden which contain a lot of celebration and dance around the maypole. But I wanted to take som photos of the sunset behind Monte Bianco. So I stardet to climb the mountain to the left but didn’t have the time. I’m very spontaneous so time isn’t something I thought about until it was getting dark. It took me two hours uphills to find out I probably needed two more hours. So the result is in the photo below. Let’s say my leg did hurt for a couple of days but it was well worth it.

Sunset over Monte Bianco.

Courmayeur offered very good food in the resturants! Of course I wanted lasagne al forno again. So many hikers in Courmayeur of course and the siesta was in Courmayeur. I really want to do the same trip again, planning some more and climb up the mountain.

Courmayeur with Monte Bianco in the background.

On the other side of the river Flume Dora Bàltea I found a lot of very old stone houses. Such a picturesque old town.

Street in Courmayeur.

I really recommend a visit here in Courmayeur since the view is outstanding magical. Skyway Montebianco offers a cabin to the top of Mont Bianco for those who can’t or don’t want to climb.


För att köra i Italien får man väldigt ofta betala tull på motorvägarna. För att komma in i Genua ville de ha 10,5 €,  111 kr isch. Jag hade fått en biljett vid tidigare tull som skulle föras in och förmodligen var det en automat som inte tog kort, trots kortläsare. De ville ha kontanter i denna automat. Kön hopade sig bakom i 30 graders värme och med skinnställ på. Efter en stund och en massa haranger i högtalaren på Italienska gick bommen upp. Jag fick ett kvitto som jag efter lite hjälp fick veta var en räkning som man kan betala via deras hemsida. I Italien är det full fart elłer tvärnit.

Triumfbågen i Genua.

Men en väldigt vacker stad trots dålig luft. Många äldre byggnader och med utsikt över medelhavet. I Italien finns det kameror uppsatta precis överałłt på gator, torg och på andra platser. De har också en strikt lagstiftning i trafiken men ingen i Genua följer den.

Hamnen i Genua. Betydligt större än vad man ser på denna bild.
Med t.ex. sådana här enorma fartyg.

Jag stannade i två dagar, rummet blev dubbelbokat så jag fick ett ganska lyxigt rum istället som łåg intill centrum. Inget jag blev ledsen för.

En hel gata med paraplyer som tak. Där mitt rum låg alldeles i slutet av gatan.
Genua. Byggnaden till höger var Genuas postkontor.

För att slippa den otroligt täta och hetsiga trafiken lämnade jag Genua i soluppgången.


Mot Milano

Makalös väg med krusidullvägar och enorma broar över dalgångar. Tog väg 3 över Julierpasse, över 2300 m.ö.h och fantastiska vyer.

2384 m.ö.h, Julierpasset v.3 mot Milano.
Byggnad vid Julierpasset.

Passerade s:t Moritz och hamnade mitt ute i ingenstans efter att ha svängt av lite på måfå här och där. Stannade vid en turistshop och fick bekräftat att jag trots allt var på rätt väg.

S:t Moritz.

Väl i Milano strulade det till sig med boendet. Fick hjälp av en farbror och en tjusig yngre italiano. Väl på rätt adress visade det sig att /-tecknet i adressen i det här fallet betydde en nybyggnation bakom adress med samma nummer. Kan va bra att veta på. Sjukt trött denna midsommardag och lite dåliga vibbar av Milano så istället för stan i Milano körde jag vidare denna midsommarförmiddag mot Genua, Italien.


Götzen, Innsbruck

I love Austria! I love driving my motorcycle on beautiful alp roads. Through amazing landscapes, villages and alps with a smile on my face.

Typical houses in Götzen.

I never know where I’m gonna stay. I’m usually reserving a room in the morning. And now I found a room in the attic with amazing view in Götzen, 150 kilometres from Innsbruck. Götzen where such a beautiful place so I decided to stay two nights. The last night a mighty storm was passing over.

Hus i Götzen med snickarglädje.

Innsbruck is not as beautiful as Salzburg but have a some fine architecture.

A train takes you up to Alpenzoo and an amazing view over Innsbruck and the alps. From Alpenzoo a cabin takes you to the top of the alp. I chose to walk down and hopefully get many photos. It turned out to be a four hour long walk resulting in blisters on my feets, well worth it!

Italians living in Austria and working in restaurants made so tasty food! Lasagne al forno again and the bechamel sauce boiling in the ceramic dish at the table.

Centrum, Innsbruck.
Fłoden Inn som flyter genom Innsbruck.

Rostock – Nűrnberg 64 mil

It took me all day to drive 640 kilometres.

In Nűrnberg I met a couple of swedish bikers on Honda goldwings on their way to a meeting in Slovenia. We had dinner together in a local restaurant and of course wienerschnitzel! So funny new friends!

In Germany you pay almost everything with cash so the card is only to be used at petrol stations. But you have to place your car in a queue and after you refueled you have to go inside and pay. In Sweden we pay outside by the petrol pump in an automat.



Trelleborg – Rostock

With the ferry from Trelleborg in Sweden to Rostock in Germany it took 5 hours. A bit boring but not so expensive, 290 kr (28 euro) for me and my motorcycle. The ferry arrived 20:00 am and I have learned from the other year and stayed in Rostock for the night. Not my favourite environment.


It’s very easy to use these booking apps. Longing for better views but I found plenty of that later.